With time crypto craze is spreading like a wildfire, people from different parts of the world are using bitcoin technical analysis online platforms to trade digital currencies. Apart from Bitcoin the most popular digital currency several other concepts are in circulation. Trading different digital currency is becoming easy through online trading platforms. Here are some reasons why crypto use will increase in 2019: 


Crypto adoption has increased considerably in the last few years; users can make cryptocurrency payments online and offline frequently. Popular e-commerce portals are now accepting popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. The numbers of e-commerce site accepting cryptos are increasing frequently; people can pay with cryptos on the go. Setting up digital currency payment was never so easy and simple, more importantly, merchant transaction fees are now 60 to 70 percent lower compared to traditional transaction fees.   

bitcoin technical analysis


The mobility of cryptocurrencies is making it popular among today’s generation. Today’s world uses smartphones, tablets, and laptops all the time; cryptocurrencies are awfully convenient and is ideal for regular transactions.  Despite new technologies coming up with traditional fiat payments, digital currencies are faster and easier. With traditional currencies security and privacy issues always arise, not the case as you purchase Bitcoin. In this 21st century, cryptocurrencies are the best option, ideal for mobile payments because of its decentralized and virtual nature.  

Commercial Use 

As of now over 20 million people across the globe own cryptocurrencies, thanks to crypto ATMs and online trading platforms for giving easy access. Most have already added Bitcoin to their investment portfolio and many are planning to add it soon. Countries having weaker fiat currencies are now in favor of using cryptocurrencies. Already there is a growing trend to purchase cryptos in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey, South Africa, and Australia.  

Follow bitcoin technical analysis online thoroughly before investing. 

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