Sweat bees are these highly bothersome small insects. These insects usually live in burrows and woods. They are usually found everywhere in the months of March to September as they smell a lot of salt due to summer. Avoiding these sweat bees can indeed be troublesome. Here are a few tips and tricks to get rid of sweat bees as well as avoid them.

Get rid of sweat bees
  • One of the best ways to get rid of sweat bees is by trying out homemade methods. These include using of mint plants such as peppermint and mint products such as various mint oils. Sweat bees pretty much can’t stand the smell of mint; hence this is just the right technique to avoid these bees.
  • Worrying less is another method of staying away from sweat bees. Yes, you heard it right. Stress is one of the few causes that can lead to sweat which is why worrying less can help get rid of sweat bees.
  • Personal hygiene is also an effective way of getting rid of sweat bees. Taking Regular baths can help get rid of sweat and hence is the most convenient way to stay hygienic as well as get rid of sweat bees.
Get rid of sweat bees
  • Eliminating old tree stumps and dead plants is a great way to avoid sweat bees from entering your gardens. As plants attract sweat bees, bees tend to frequently come to gardens.
  • Water also attracts sweat bees to an extreme extent. This is why; removing water from unwanted places can be a cheaper and convenient way of avoiding sweat bees.

Taking hygienic measures can be just the right way to get rid of sweat bees. But if these don’t work for a long time, then one can use other ways to get rid of sweat bees such as by trapping them and killing them.

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