The dramatic meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un took place on Tuesday with the intention to sign a document. It is said that the U.S president would offer unspecified “security guarantees” to Kim in exchange for North Korean leader’s firm commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The world witnessed the signature of two leaders on two copies which were written in Korean as well as English. With the signing ceremony, the summit gets concluded in Singapore. It is the first meeting of the U.S. and North Korean heads of state.

The agreement gives emphasize on specific areas and mainly focusing on public statements made previously and past commitments. The deal does not mention taking steps to end up the technical state of warfare that happens between the U.S and North Korea. The actual intention of both the country is to build up a reliable and long-lasting peace relationship.

The agreement also speaks about bringing back the prisoners of war or those missing during Korean War. The document signing is followed by series of meetings between the two heads at luxury Singapore resort. On Tuesday, Kim and Trump finally came to a decision and made an agreement which appeared to be impossible even a few months back.

Trump and Kim both encountered symbolism of moment which calls it an epochal event which has a good impact on overcoming years of hostilities and tension that occurs between two countries.

The US president speaks about establishing the human rights issues and also sanctions against North Korea. This would be in place for present and refer Kim to follow denuclearization. Kim calls it a “good prelude to peace”, and Donald Trump promises to work together and to take care of different aspects.

During the signing ceremony, Trump said, “expect to meet several times now” in the future with Kim. About this, Kim said, “Absolutely” and invited Kim to White House.

The US president addressed to reporters about being convinced with Kim and found him to be genuinely serious about dismantling sophisticated missile engine test site. But at the same time, he agrees to the fact that there is no guarantee on dismantling the substantial arsenal from Kim’s side.

Donald Trump promises to offer security to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This is the first meeting where both the leaders had bilateral talks after which Trump commented that it was the best meeting than ever expected. Trump also added, “a special bond” has been established with Kim.

“People will surely be impressed, and it is done to make people happy”. Trump said that dangerous problem would be taken care of and surely this will act in favor of common people. Kim meanwhile added, “The world would experience a positive change.”

Trump takes the initiative to talk about the upliftment of economic sanctions and deliver different forms of financial assistance in case the regime agrees to surrender their nuclear weapons programs. The American president is confident enough that Kim would take a sincere and apt decision on it which would finally improve the standard of living of North Korea.

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