It is always better to be updated and well informed about the world you live in. Here is a sneak peek at the global news that you can read while you are on the go. It will keep you abreast of the current world situations.

  1. North Korea is expected to go significant disarmament by the end of 2020 as confirmed by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. A meeting held between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un has agreed upon complete denuclearization of Northern Korean Peninsula. Detailed discussions are yet to be made on how and when the conquest may take place. But the initiation has been received, and by the end of the said date, a significant change in nuclear program will be seen.
  • A change in the US Federal Reserve has taken place where 0.25% has raised the interest rates. This is a decision taken to combat robust economic expansion and job opportunities. The highest benchmark rate that was cited in 2008 will now be 2% making it the seventh time to raise the bank rates since 2015. The entire process aims to boost up the economy and provide stronger growth.
  • The law enforcement and personal security are the highest in Singapore as per the survey conducted by Global Law and Order. The aim was to evaluate how safe the citizens of the nation find themselves. Following the list is Norway, Iceland, and Finland.
  • FIFA World Cup 2026 will be hosted by a combination of three nations, Canada, U.S and Mexico. It is for the first time that Canada will be seen hosting one of the favorite and most significant sporting events in the world. Canada has decided to host its events at Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto where a total of 10 games will be played midst the places.
  • Global warming has affected mostly to Antarctica making it shed its ice at an alarming rate. More than 200 billion tons of ices are being lost to the ocean every year due to the melting of the ice. This is gradually increasing the sea levels by 0.6mm yearly. It is a threat to low-lying coastal communities; the Government at large is making plans to defend the future of these areas and neighborhoods.
  • Meanwhile, selfie syndrome takes two lives while posing for a selfie near the beach in the town of Ericeira in Portugal. The authorities state it is most probably a slip that made them fall from a wall overlooking it while trying to click photos. One of the tourists hails from Australia, while the other from the UK. Both the country’s embassies are trying to reach onto the families of the deceased.  Taking selfie has taken many lives earlier too, and the government officials have been warning citizens to be careful while taking their pictures.

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