Do you ever feel confused about life and have an existential crisis? Do you feel like you’re on crossroads and don’t know what or how to feel? Do you feel bombarded with thoughts of purposelessness and confusion? If you do feel any of these, remember that you are not alone.

Life is more often than not difficult for most of us. It is only normal for us to feel lost and hopeless at times. But as we all know, nothing is forever and this too shall pass.

Life in its entirety is a mix of all happy and sad emotions. We are very quick to appreciate and be grateful for the good times. But if we sit back and ponder, we will only realize that the bad times deserve attention as well.

It is in those times of confusion, fear and failure that we realized our true potential. If our life never consisted of any sadness, we would never realize how gifted we truly are.

Human beings have forever tried to escape this sadness but in turn have been engulfed by it. Sadness is not an enemy. It is an ally. Embrace it, welcome it, and you will soon appreciate life like you never have before. However, if you run from it, it shall keep running after you and haunt you for life.

It is emotionally healthy to feel sad. It shows that we have feelings of empathy and love. Denying it is only denying our humanness.

Conclusively, as the title of this article says, this too shall pass. Always remember that there is always the possibility of a better life in the future days. If you have made it till today, you will make it till tomorrow, and then another day and then another day. Make sure you take one day at a time till you achieve the life you have always dreamt of. Also make sure you check out this related information:

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