There are many blind pianists around us that we don’t know much about or appreciate their work.

Here are a few piano players blind who succeeded in their life-

  • Art Tatum-

He leaves a very big influence on jazz music. He was a pianist and one more important thing was that he was blind and he can’t see. He was honoured and he was appreciated in the industry for a very long time and was a successful piano player.

piano player blind
  • Ronnie Milsap-

Just in case if you search for the best musicians and their genres, they are usually jazz and blues. But Ronnie Milsap for a change got famous for the country music genre. As he was blind since childhood, he spent most of his time listening to the country music genre and learning country music genre. When he was very young, around the age of seven, his teacher noticed his music interest and talent in him. He was known as a born artist from then.

  • NobuyukTsujii-

His talent was natural since birth and he was very talented. He plays the piano although he’s blind. As he’s blind and still manages to perform this well, it got him fame and popularity. He played his first song jingle bells on the piano at the age of four.

piano player blind

His very first achievement was to win the first prize in the all Japan music competition at the age of 7 which was conducted for blinds.

  • Moondog-

Talking about this piano player blind, we should also talk about what he went through. He is not a regular blind piano player. He made his decision to stay on the streets. It was never a forcible condition or a poor lifestyle, he made his own decision to stay on the streets. He used to wear a dress exactly like the Norse God of thunder. His music and tunes were inspired from the natural sounds such as subway noises and other sounds.

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