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It is always better to be updated and well informed about the world you live in. Here is a sneak peek at the global news that you can read while you are on the go. It will keep you abreast of the current world situations.

  1. North Korea is expected to go significant disarmament by the end of 2020 as confirmed by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. A meeting held between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un has agreed upon complete denuclearization of Northern Korean Peninsula. Detailed discussions are yet to be made on how and when the conquest may take place. But the initiation has been received, and by the end of the said date, a significant change in nuclear program will be seen.
  • A change in the US Federal Reserve has taken place where 0.25% has raised the interest rates. This is a decision taken to combat robust economic expansion and job opportunities. The highest benchmark rate that was cited in 2008 will now be 2% making it the seventh time to raise the bank rates since 2015. The entire process aims to boost up the economy and provide stronger growth.
  • The law enforcement and personal security are the highest in Singapore as per the survey conducted by Global Law and Order. The aim was to evaluate how safe the citizens of the nation find themselves. Following the list is Norway, Iceland, and Finland.
  • FIFA World Cup 2026 will be hosted by a combination of three nations, Canada, U.S and Mexico. It is for the first time that Canada will be seen hosting one of the favorite and most significant sporting events in the world. Canada has decided to host its events at Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto where a total of 10 games will be played midst the places.
  • Global warming has affected mostly to Antarctica making it shed its ice at an alarming rate. More than 200 billion tons of ices are being lost to the ocean every year due to the melting of the ice. This is gradually increasing the sea levels by 0.6mm yearly. It is a threat to low-lying coastal communities; the Government at large is making plans to defend the future of these areas and neighborhoods.
  • Meanwhile, selfie syndrome takes two lives while posing for a selfie near the beach in the town of Ericeira in Portugal. The authorities state it is most probably a slip that made them fall from a wall overlooking it while trying to click photos. One of the tourists hails from Australia, while the other from the UK. Both the country’s embassies are trying to reach onto the families of the deceased.  Taking selfie has taken many lives earlier too, and the government officials have been warning citizens to be careful while taking their pictures.

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Canada Hosting Men’s Football World Cup First Time with USA and Mexico

Before 2018 FIFA World Cup commences from June 14, Canada, USA, and Mexico (united bid) won the 2026 FIFA World Cup bid. The news came to everyone’s attention on 13th June Wednesday morning. Canada will be hosting the largest sports event in the world for the first time. All FIFA members voted in favor of the joint North American bid and won with 134-65 over Morocco. Moreover, being the hosting nation, men’s football team in Canada automatically qualifies for the world cup.

Also, the 2026 football world cup will have 48 nations playing meaning from 32 teams it will go up to 48. All teams will play 80 games in total. 60 matches will be taking place among 10 cities in the USA. The rest will take place in Mexico and Canada.

The USA hosted a remarkable world cup in1994 and Mexico did it in 1970 as well as 1986. Though this is the first time Canada will host men’s football world cup, they hosted FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2015. Canadian stadiums, where matches will take place are below.

BMO Field – Toronto

It is Toronto FC’s home stadium on Lake Ontario’s shore which is adjacent to Exhibition Place. It was built in 2007 and went under massive renovation when Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (current owner) acquired it.

Around $150 million the authority has spent increasing amenities like modern dressing rooms, video board, expansion of seats, etc. The current capacity of this stadium stands at 30,000. However, before the world cup, it will increase more than 45,000 seats along with temporary additional expansion for world cup matches.

Olympic Stadium – Montreal

This iconic stadium will be 50 in 2026 making it oldest of all Canadian venues. A whopping of $250 million the authorities are willing to spend for major renovations. This expenditure will create additional seating arrangements, technological interior, and retractable roof. Olympic stadium can accommodate easily approximately 50,000 fans.

It was home to MLB’s Montreal Expo and has hosted various football tournaments as well as FIFA events in yesteryears. The field is Astroturf but it will change it to natural grass (like it when Italian club giant AC Milan played against MLS’ Montreal Impact) before the 2026 FIFA World Cup commences.

Commonwealth Stadium – Edmonton

This is the largest of three venues in Canada where teams will play the matches. More than 56,400 seats will be available for the matches which will start in this stadium. This open-air ground was constructed in 1978 and got its makeover in 2012. However, according to FIFA, it requires some more changes which would make it ideal for the tournament.

Also, this stadium will opt for natural grass instead of artificial turf for entire 2026 season for accommodating world cup event.

Winning this united bid Canada expects to spread the popularity of this game among its young generation and coaching staff for a better outcome in this sport. Though it will be a tough job to pull this up as three different nations with different laws will work together, the organizers are quite confident in doing everything that is necessary to make this a successful venture.

Trump and Kim Meet at Singapore Summit to Sign an Agreement

The dramatic meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un took place on Tuesday with the intention to sign a document. It is said that the U.S president would offer unspecified “security guarantees” to Kim in exchange for North Korean leader’s firm commitment to the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The world witnessed the signature of two leaders on two copies which were written in Korean as well as English. With the signing ceremony, the summit gets concluded in Singapore. It is the first meeting of the U.S. and North Korean heads of state.

The agreement gives emphasize on specific areas and mainly focusing on public statements made previously and past commitments. The deal does not mention taking steps to end up the technical state of warfare that happens between the U.S and North Korea. The actual intention of both the country is to build up a reliable and long-lasting peace relationship.

The agreement also speaks about bringing back the prisoners of war or those missing during Korean War. The document signing is followed by series of meetings between the two heads at luxury Singapore resort. On Tuesday, Kim and Trump finally came to a decision and made an agreement which appeared to be impossible even a few months back.

Trump and Kim both encountered symbolism of moment which calls it an epochal event which has a good impact on overcoming years of hostilities and tension that occurs between two countries.

The US president speaks about establishing the human rights issues and also sanctions against North Korea. This would be in place for present and refer Kim to follow denuclearization. Kim calls it a “good prelude to peace”, and Donald Trump promises to work together and to take care of different aspects.

During the signing ceremony, Trump said, “expect to meet several times now” in the future with Kim. About this, Kim said, “Absolutely” and invited Kim to White House.

The US president addressed to reporters about being convinced with Kim and found him to be genuinely serious about dismantling sophisticated missile engine test site. But at the same time, he agrees to the fact that there is no guarantee on dismantling the substantial arsenal from Kim’s side.

Donald Trump promises to offer security to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. This is the first meeting where both the leaders had bilateral talks after which Trump commented that it was the best meeting than ever expected. Trump also added, “a special bond” has been established with Kim.

“People will surely be impressed, and it is done to make people happy”. Trump said that dangerous problem would be taken care of and surely this will act in favor of common people. Kim meanwhile added, “The world would experience a positive change.”

Trump takes the initiative to talk about the upliftment of economic sanctions and deliver different forms of financial assistance in case the regime agrees to surrender their nuclear weapons programs. The American president is confident enough that Kim would take a sincere and apt decision on it which would finally improve the standard of living of North Korea.

Top 5 Teams of the FIFA World Cup 2018 Revealed!

The football world cup is yet again round the corner, and soccer fans are going gaga over it after waiting for four long years. This time it is battle held in Russia and will be played between 32 teams participating in the final tournament.

Out of the many promising and favourite teams, here are the top 5 among the preferences that have the most bait on them.

The top 5 FIFA world cup team of 2018-

  1. Belgium

The strong team of Belgium has performed very well in the qualifiers defeating the rival teams like Bosnia, Greece etc. Regardless of possessing so much of talent in the team, it has not yet strike that championship goal. The new manager and coach of this team are sure to take it to new success heights.

  1. France

France is taking part in their sixth consecutive world cup championship ever since the 1994 and are hoping high to get raise the victory cup to their name. He world cup 2018 squad of France has its name among the best three contenders for winning the game. With goalkeepers like Hugo Lloris and Alphonse Areola, their set is quite high this time. The 23 man squad is sure to give a fierce competition to put a winning game for the audience.

  1. Spain

Spain managed to secure its place in world cup 2018 after defeating Albania and is one of the European countries to complete all the ten scheduled games without losing one. The goalkeeper David de Gea and Pepe Reina are some of the best players in the squad put up a challenging goal opportunity for the opponent teams.

  1. Germany

Germany has to be placed in any list that is talking about best teams of FIFA world cup. They are predicted to be the most likely team that may take home the golden trophy. The hopes are high on them as they did not lose any single qualifying game of the season thus giving their fans a chance to rejoice in support.

With their elaborated historical win and best performances, they are a favourite fan team to win the gold in 2018 FIFA world cup.

  1. Brazil

It has to be one of the most favourite teams for millions of football fans around the world as football is like an art in this country. Brazil is also the first ever team to qualify for 2018 FIFA world cup. It beat Paraguay and also has eight successive wins in its name. It undoubtedly holds a firm ground for success in the Russia 2018 world cup.

Brazil has also won the world cup a whopping five times and has been performing exceptionally well during the qualifying round giving the opponents some tough competition for sure.

FIFA world cup 2018 helps up this time in Russia and fans are glued to their TV screens to see their favourite players battling it out. The time has arrived again to set the history and see which team raises the victory cup this time.

World Cup 2026: US, Mexico and Canada Wins Bid to Host Jointly

With 24 hours remaining for the start of the 21st Fifa World Cup in Russia, 3 nations of North America jointly win the bid over Morocco to host the FIFA World Cup in 2026. They have received 134 out of 200 votes to earn the right to host ‘the greatest show on Earth’.

In 2026 it is also proposed that it will consist of 48 teams for the first time rather than 32 teams. The Moroccan bid tried hard to win; they even assured that unlike their rivals they would not hike up the ticket prices to increase profit.

But the FIFA hierarchy led by the president Gianni Infantino opted towards US, Mexico, Canada as they projected to generate a profit of $11bn for Fifa compared to the expected $5.7bn by Morocco.

Though the Moroccan bids looked enticing regarding fan engagement, they have to rebuild or renovate all of the 14 stadiums to maintain the FIFA standards. According to the FIFA task-forces, the US-led bid was superior to their North African rivals not only regarding revenue generation but also in infrastructure and technical grounds.

The World Cup will be hosted at North America for the fourth time now whereas Morocco bid for the 5th time to earn the hosting rights. The US hosted the World Cup in 1994 and Mexico did it in 1970 and 1986, but Canada is yet to organize the same. Though in 2015, they held the women’s tournament.

The US Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro quoted with delight – “Football is the only victor. We are all united in football. Thank you so much for this incredible honour. Thank you for entrusting us with this privilege.” 

The US will host 60 matches whereas Mexico and Canada both will host ten games each.  Among the 16 host cities, ten are from the US and the rest will be evenly split between the other two countries. The final will take place at MetLife Stadium which is capable of accommodating 84,953 fans. The whole tournament will continue for 34 days.

North America is also proposed to hold the playoff tournament in November 2025 to decide which two teams will get the final entry to the World cup. The playoff will be between six teams.

The Fifa president boasted how the federation had changed a lot under his leadership since taking over from Sepp Blatter. The previous bids for Russia and Qatar under Blatter reeked of controversies and allegations of corruption.

The Fifa congress held their proceedings at Moscow’s Expo-centre and where the Russian president Vladimir Putin greeted the FIFA officials. It is reported that Putin concluded his speech by saying “welcome to Russia” in English.

The decision to let North America host the World cup has some concerns regarding international policies.  Such as the travel ban on residents of Muslim countries made by Trump administration.  However, Trump has promised FIFA that there will be no such travel ban on foreign teams, officials and fans.

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