When one is looking into playing an online game, they may want to try finding one that is interactive. Here they will be able to meet up with and encounter other players while they are playing the game and out there trying to have fun and meet new people in the process. This is because there are so many different people and places that a game can take place, that you may be meeting up with people who are right next door or they may be on the other side of the world. Click here www.cookieclickerhackx.com for more details.

Try to find a game that you will be able to get into and will develop over an extended period of time, you will not want to go and find a game that will not keep your interest or a game that will not last long enough to be worth the money and time invested playing and learning about it.


Hey everybody! I’ve finally been able to post v1.0 of the Cookie Clicker map for Minecraft Snapshot 14w26c. We’ve got the map, but also have 4 places that you can play it online, more info on that down below.


All Buildings up to Time Machine

Sell Buildings

Buy up to 10 of each building

Server versions

Even more things!


Known Bugs:

You can only purchase 10 of each building

Click for a cookie is very slow, could user a different way of clicking for cookies

Has no Upgrades

Prices don’t scale

You can find the map download down below, or you can log on to one of our servers and play! The servers work by only allowing one player online at a time. If you log in to play it and someone already has buildings and cookies, you can either reset them using the reset button or try going to another server where someone hasn’t made much progress. If you’d like to assure that you’ll be able to download it and play it on your own computer. You must use Minecraft 14w26c for this map to work correctly. It has only been tested with this version.

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