Using safe and approved bodybuilding products is very important not only for best results but also for avoiding any side effects and health hazards. The market is full of all kinds of products that promote all kinds of results in matter of days or weeks. Chances are that these products are either very ineffective or extremely dangerous for your health.

There is no easy way to be sure about the effectiveness and safety of a product, especially if you buy it online. A good advice when you are shopping online for bodybuilding supplements is to look for signs that inspire a sense of security and trust such as disclaimers and disclosures. Every bodybuilder with at least a week of experience knows that no matter how good the product, results will always vary depending on the person’s weight, size, bone structure and thickness and many other factors. Finding this sort of disclaimers would mean that the brand is more genuine and puts an effort in its products instead of trying only to get your money.

Another thing you should be looking out for is promotional websites such as this one. Many big names like Amazon, Walmart, e-Bay and many smaller names such as Crazy Bulk and more, use programs for rewarding people who review and promote their products. When you land on such a website a good practice would be to look for the proper disclosure which states that the owner of the site receives a commission for referring you this brand. This is a sign of honesty and transperancy and not simply an attempt to manipulate your opinion in order to obtain the commission. However a small does of skepticism would still be advisable.

Another thing to look out for before buying is if the brand is certified and FDA inspected so you can be sure you are not about to damage your health. Another sign that inspires confidence is for how long is the brand in business. People are more likely to trust brands that are in business over 5 years, which means that if the brand was able to survive for 5 years then they really know what they are doing. Lucky for you, Crazy Bulk is in business for over 10 years.

Ingredients are also a very important factor to watch out for, especially if you are allergic to something. Another reason why ingredients are important is because there are many brands that guarantee very fast results by using ingredients that may be very dangerous for your health if not used properly. Read carefully what’s inside the product you take and avoid taking things that you feel might affect you in a way that would be bad for you. As much as we all love bodybuilding, health always comes first.

So to sum it up, the signs you should be looking for before you buy are:

The proper disclaimers

The proper disclosures

Certificates and Inspections

Brand age


Product range


Working out and eating right can help you get a good physique, but sometimes that is not enough. That’s why many bodybuilders decide to try some bodybuilding product to give themselves the boost they need. However, bodybuilding products are not created the same way. They react differently with your body and affect different parts of your body and that’s why many of you know that some bodybuilding products are not completely safe to use. That’s why Crazy Bulk Reviews  gives a complete description of the product, its ingredients and usage instructions so that you can know what to expect. They will also give you ideas on how to combine them correctly so that you may achieve the best possible results.

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