MC Cookie Clicker v1.0 for Minecraft 14w26c

When one is looking into playing an online game, they may want to try finding one that is interactive. Here they will be able to meet up with and encounter other players while they are playing the game and out there trying to have fun and meet new people in the process. This is because there are so many different people and places that a game can take place, that you may be meeting up with people who are right next door or they may be on the other side of the world. Click here for more details.

Try to find a game that you will be able to get into and will develop over an extended period of time, you will not want to go and find a game that will not keep your interest or a game that will not last long enough to be worth the money and time invested playing and learning about it.

Hey everybody! I’ve finally been able to post v1.0 of the Cookie Clicker map for Minecraft Snapshot 14w26c. We’ve got the map, but also have 4 places that you can play it online, more info on that down below.


All Buildings up to Time Machine

Sell Buildings

Buy up to 10 of each building

Server versions

Even more things!

Known Bugs:

You can only purchase 10 of each building

Click for a cookie is very slow, could user a different way of clicking for cookies

Has no Upgrades

Prices don’t scale

You can find the map download down below, or you can log on to one of our servers and play! The servers work by only allowing one player online at a time. If you log in to play it and someone already has buildings and cookies, you can either reset them using the reset button or try going to another server where someone hasn’t made much progress. If you’d like to assure that you’ll be able to download it and play it on your own computer. You must use Minecraft 14w26c for this map to work correctly. It has only been tested with this version.

Important facts to know about testosterone supplement

With several years of study and progress in the field of medicine it has proved that with the passing age men develops few problems which can hamper their usual life. You can check all details regarding testosterone supplements, with all information and facts. Results have shown lower the level of testosterone in the body the unhappy and physically unfit the man will be. For that reason there comes the need of some natural ways which can provide the solution for such problems without having any side effects.

testosterone supplements

Experimental results have shown that the level of the hormone can be increased by a huge percentage among some individuals. Again there are cases where the supplements can reverse the case and decreases the amount of hormone from the body. Intake of testosterone supplements can do wonders and help boosting the ability of an individual considerably.

Once men reach the age of thirty the testosterone level in the body starts decreasing and for that reason with the help of natural supplement you can get the level back and enjoy all the normal features such as good energy level, sexual pleasure, good mood, fit body and appearance as well. The testosterone supplements have shown good developments and increase in the level of testosterone in the body but once individual starts taking the supplement they need to ensure that they don’t exceed the normal dosage and be exceedingly patients, it takes some time to act. Ensure you take good and healthy foods to stay fit and healthy. Once the point is kept in mind you can get good result and show signs within few months.

So what are you thinking about? Go through genuine testosterone supplements online and order one today! The best supplement can help boosting body performance to a great level. Start taking it from today!


Understanding the whole concept behind dreams

Dreams are something which is common to every individual, but very few will give importance to it. How often do you give importance to previous night dreams? Have you ever tried to find the inner meaning behind dreams? Hardly few will understand or try to find the meaning to tushda dreams. Experts believe there are different reasons or meaning to human dreams, one need to understand it properly. There are some imposters available in the market pretending to decipher the dream messages, don’t randomly trust this cons. Try listening to your inner self and understand the meaning behind dream.


The importance of dreams is the reason behind so many problems; even today many ignore tushda dream importance. Psychologists around the world have different take on dreams, there are several books written on this topic for years. For initial readers its tough to guess which one is true and which is false, even today its tough to find it out. There are numerous theories about dreams but none of these sounds to be hundred percent correct. Understanding the dream interpretation is not an easy task, unless you get inside the whole concept. Some human tushda dreams are nothing but interpretation of daily facts, but it has importance too.


Everyone comes across dream but very few individual wishes to remember it next morning. How often did you try to remember last night dream? Though you will remember in bits or pieces but trying to remember it can help you know many things. Experts believe that there is symbolic meaning to dreams, you can know about it from different online portals. Today there are many online blogs or portals where information about these tushda dreams are shared. Subscribing to these online portals can help you interpret dream easily and know the inner meaning.

motorcycle helmets

Most Vital thing while driving 2-wheeler

When you have a 2-wheeler you need to concentrate on a lot of things while driving which are directly related to your safety. A helmet is one of the main things that is being utilized while driving. A helmet is utilized to cover your head which is the most important part of our body.

motorcycle helmets

A helmet is made up of cloth, foam from inside to make you comfortable to wear on your head and hard material is utilized to make it from outside. Motorcycle helmets are very crucial while driving this is the reason this has been added as a mandatory thing while driving.

As per the competition and making rider more comfortable the companies are trying to make helmets using the new technologies that are coming into existence.

When these are mostly utilized

When you’re driving any 2-wheeler and somehow you met with an accident or a crash due to any reason then this helmet will always be there for you to protect you.

A helmet is nowadays a part of the kit that has been added by the motorcycle sellers to give to the customer ad without this anybody should not drive the motorcycle. There is a new style is coming up in the helmet to maintain the appearance of the rider.

motorcycle helmets

Some of the riders even choose to get their helmet built manually so as to get a design of their own choice.

There are some of the problems as well while you are driving wearing a helmet and one of the things is communicating. But this is also protecting your ears from the voice that is coming from the nearby vehicles and your own engine.

To solve the problems there are new technologies are coming into existence like having a Bluetooth earphone in the helmet and also some space in front to talk with any person besides you. This is how technology has been molded taking care of today’s needs.

Payday loan relief

Benefits of consolidating your payday loan relief

Payday loan relief can be a huge help while you are searching for ways to pay off your payday loan. This loans are usually taken by people who are in serious need of cash. The debt are small amounts. But there is a condition that comes with the debt. You have to payback the loan on your next payday. The interest rates of such loans are incredibly high. So, when you fail to pay the loan on the first pay, the debt increases. And the price keeps becoming monumental.

Payday loan relief

To solve this problem you can take payday loan relief. It is a way through which you pay off all your owed money to respective lenders. You can do so by taking a much bigger loan from bank (debt consolidation), or use a firm (debt settlement) to do so. Consolidating debts is the better way to go with because it has many benefits.

Reduces the amount

When you take a debt consolidation loan to settle your payday loan then you get a low interest rate. This substantially decreases the amount you owe.

Small installments

Payday loan relief – debt consolidation helps you increases the tenure of the loan and thus it decreases the monthly payment. It improves your monthly financial statement.

Payday loan relief

No automatic debits

When you agree to first paycheck payback in payday loan, you suffer from automatic debits. But with payday loan relief as debt consolidation makes sure you do not lose your money automatically.

Better credit report

Choosing Debt consolidation over debt settlement is better because the former improves your credit score, while the latter negatively effects your credit report. Taking debt consolidation as payday loan relief, pays off all the debt, whereas debt settlement only “settles”, the debt.

Debt Consolidation keeps you away from bankruptcy. Nobody can sue you if you take the wise way out.

Payday loan debt relief

Easy and simple pay day loan schemes

If you are willing to buy any useful item for personal usage but suffering from low cash you can apply for Payday loan debt relief loans, its fast and easy. The best thing about pay day loans is that the amount is approved instantly. The approved amount is credited to the bank within 48 hours’ time and the borrower can pay back the money in easy monthly installments.  These pay day loans are planned in such a way that it meets all day to day requirement and the individual can apply for loans online up to any amount, moreover the amount will be approved instantly. Now pay all your utility bills and meet emergency needs without much hassle.

Payday loan debt relief

There are lots of instances when you may feel like buying something but due to low in cash or financial worries you may not opt for it. The Payday loan debt relief schemesbrings for your whole new ranges of short term loans that helps you to get all your loans no matter how small the amount is and in quick time, so no more standing  in queues and waiting for verification process. Normally most of the repayments options are in monthly installments. So based on your suitability select the best repayment option and pay back the entire amount.

Payday loan debt relief

Loans are always an important part and there are individuals that look for pay loan online just to meet their day to day needs. There are circumstances when individual applies for loan just to carry out some basic purposes or needs. In such cases when the individual needs to wait for so long this can cause several problems. To help you there are several Payday loan debt relief schemes available with financial institutes today. Get in touch with the best lender in your area and meet all your need through pay day loans.


Finding the right gift that not only enhances the travel experience but also makes it beautiful, can be quite a task. To help you ace this test we have prepared the complete shopping guide to help you pick the perfect luxury travel gifts for women.

An ideal gift is the one that caters to all the requirements laid down by female travelers around the world. It needs to be an ideal blend of utility, comfort, and grace to make your travel much more enjoyable. Keeping that in mind we have curated the following list that, we believe, every woman would love to have when they travel

1. Travel Passport Holder: Gift your friend a brand new travel passport holder which allows them to carry their important documents with style and comfort. The storage is large enough for every travel document she’ll ever need on her trip. 

luxury travel gifts for women

2. Portable Wifi Hotspot: This gift is truly every traveler’s dream. Allow your female friend to stay connected to the world at all times by gifting her this astounding present. 

3. Travel Sneakers: Gift her new pair of comfortable and breezy sneakers that complement her look. Get ready to see your girl take the world with the sneakers you gift her.

4. Smartphone Photo Printer: The printer will allow you to print mini polaroids from your smartphone. Help the woman in your life celebrate her travel pictures in this unique and cute way.

5 Airbnb Gift Card: Electronic gift cards are always a lifesaver and perfectly complement the tradition of gift exchange. With this Airbnb gift card, let your favorite female explorer stay at unique places in 191 different countries around the world!

After sighting these amazing examples for luxurious travel gifts for women, you can buy something on similar lines for your girlfriends and help them in redefining the entire experience during their travels.

Robux Generator

How the gaming industry has grown in demand over the years?

At times it looks to be quite different and also very much astonishing that how this industry and its various systems have come of age. There was a time when there were very few games and hardly any individuals used to like it but once you look back in those yesteryears you could realize that the whole set and process has come down a long way. Today there are many such high quality and newly developed games, enthusiasts of all age groups are playing these games round the clock. This games are developed in various platform and coming up with number of sequels and other versions. Game developers are testers are putting lot of effort for your unique experience, in turn many are earning from Robux Generator online.

Robux Generator

There are so many professional gaming industries and the sector has become complete professional in the last few years. Many companies and firms are taking active participation in gaming industry as they hire experienced gamers and developers. This has resulted and basically providing all new and unique gaming experiences. The pixels and clarity of all such games have changed drastically and you can find so many changes, people of all age groups are now fond of video games. The best thing about some gaming portal is that you get Robux Generator for finding errors or bugs, another good reason to play favorite games online.

Robux Generator

The quality and visions has been much developed thanks to all innovation and new ideas that has helped the sector to bloom. Moreover most of the famous and reputed games are coming out with so new versions and sequels, credit should be given to professionals who are bringing out array of changes. The professional are quite instrumental and thorough in bringing such changes that resulted in amazing work.

Curso do Lucas Roudi


Earning money online more often than not sparks a light of suspicion among those who are not very familiar with the internet. These people are of the opinion that earning off the internet involves a lot of risk and may also lead to exposure to people’s personal information. However, what these people don’t know that with massive advances in the field of technology, these are things of the past. In today’s times, more and more people are looking forward to earning online from the internet. Why is earning online such a craze these days? These may be a few reasons.

  • It is an extra source of income.
  • It is convenient as one can easily earn from the comfort of their own home.
  • It is safe and trusted.
  • One can easily connect to the internet any time any day and hence wok can be done easily.

If you have indeed read about the benefits of earning money off the internet, this may look like a very lucrative alternative to earn more money. However, to make the best of the internet, you will have to use your expertise and strategies. Expertise can only be gained by training under an expert. Here is where Curso do Lucas Roudi comes in to save the day.

Curso do Lucas Roudi

Are you looking for someone to guide you through this vast and confusing world of the internet? Do you want expert guidance on how to earn money online safely and securely? Lucas Roudi Course has got the answers to all your questions.

Lucas Roudi is an expert in digital, affiliate and other kinds of online marketing. He will teach you how to use these tools to accelerate your online business and earn massive returns. If you are indeed looking forward to start your own online business and earn online, Lucas Roudi is the man for you. Check his Instagram and other social media handles to get the best tips and tricks of online marketing.

wat is mijn ip

Get to know your router IP address at ease

Wireless routers have IP address and it is used as an address for LAN or local area network as well as the WAN or the wide area connection such as the internet. Finding out the IP address of your device is important, to help you locate it there are several techniques mentioned online. Knowing any device wat is mijn ip address is easy, all you need to do is follow the steps as mentioned in the portal. It is through these IP address that you get the chance to connect to the internet and start sending or receiving data packets.

wat is mijn ip

Every router has its own way of finding the wat is mijn ip address. The best option is to check the user manual and follow all the instructions carefully. If you don’t have user manual the best option is to visit the website and search for its default IP address online. Connect the wireless router with the Ethernet cable to your system and start the both devices. Visit the command prompt window from the start option on your Windows operating system. Now you can type the “ipconfig” on the dialogue box and press enter. This will show you the IP address of the system.

wat is mijn ip

There are numerous instances when users need to find the wat is mijn ip address and the best option is to visit the manufacturer’s website to get updated annual. Different techniques are mentioned online using which you can easily locate the IP address of the device. With many around the world are using smart phones, tablets or laptops to connect to the network, now you can easily locate its IP address before connecting to the internet. It’s the IP address or Internet protocol address which helps you to connect to the outside world and start sending or receiving data packets.

STD testing

When Should you go for STD Testing?

STD Testing is good when its necessary. But getting to know the symptoms are a necessity and should be known to everyone. Before getting to know about where one should go and do the check up and how much it costs, it is way more important to know when and why you should go. If you have had a sexual encounter and noticed any symptoms then you should definitely consult a doctor or a nurse is a mere first step. STD symptoms can be blink and miss too. It comes and goes but that does not mean that your done with it. The symptoms are mild and they do not bother you but going to a doctor and get the STD testing done is a must.

STD testing

There are different types of STDs and all of them have different types of symptoms:

  • Sores around your genitals, thighs and butt cheeks.
  • Un-natural discharge from your vagina or penis
  • Peeing a lot or even burning sensation while you pee is a sign.
  • Any sort of irritation, itching, pain or even swelling around or on your penis, vagina, anus or vulva is a major symptom.
  • Feeling tired and exhausted always, swollen glands and uncalled for fever are clear symptoms too.
STD testing

So, all of these symptoms can be caused by other illness. Basically, all of them are quite basic except for some. The point being the symptoms are basic so neglecting them might be easier and when neglected then it might come off as a big problem. So, analysing the symptoms and if you cannot then go ahead to the nurse and doctors and just get the test done with. Being a self-proclaimed doctor is very easy but that small little decision of not analysing the symptoms, can turn down your world pretty fast.

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